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The underwater Nazare Canyon is the largest one of its kind in Europe. With a maximum depth of 5,000 metres (16,000 ft) and about 230 kilometres (140 mi) long, it's the bottleneck that creates the heaviest, tallest waves on earth.


Those waves were our inspiration to create the most outrageous production e-board ever conceived. The new deck went through 13 iterations before the concave and flex was just right.  We tested over 9 different motors before we settled on the 6389. Every detail was reviewed. From all the single little screws (which are now all titanium) to the connector of the charger.


The Nazare's center piece is Lacroix' Hypertrucks™ developed in conjunction with RipTide Sports™ (market leader in urethane bushing technology). Combined with the bushings, they make the board feel on rails at high speed yet super carvy at low speed. And on a medium-loose setting, i.e. one on which you would not do a speed run usually, they Self Correct Speed Wobbles™, i.e. that "oh shit" moment is tamed, if it shows up at all.


It's like surfing a 78 foot wave on pavement. Or heli-boarding in Alaska, all summer long.



  • CURRENT SHIP TIME (we update this constantly with the orders we have in the pipeline); approx 2 weeks from date of purchase.
  • NOTE; we don't do "batches". We always try to keep up with demand. Period. As we achieved with the Prototipo (our previous model), we want to get to a point where the lead time between purchase and delivery is as reduced as possible. Of course, we need to get the ball rolling first during the first weeks - months. We update this section frequently to let you know of any changes in ship times. Thanks for your patience - these machines are impossibly difficult to build but we're getting better at it everyday ;-)
  • Tech Specs

    Board details and components;

    • Newly designed asymetrical deck with a lower angled rear "tab", central flex, concave feet "pockets", snowboard top sheets on the top and bottom of the deck and a triaxial fiberglass layer under each feet and tab. You can choose from 2 different flexes;
      • Regular flex (pre-planed 6 ply Canadian maple sheets -same flex as 5 regular un-planed plys) - good up to 250lbs.
      • Stiff flex (pre-planed 7 ply Canadian Maple sheet that has the same flex as 6 regular plys - good for up to 350lbs (and for those who prefer a stiffer deck).


    • Signature Lacroix™ carbon fiber enclosure.


    • Lacroix Hypertrucks™ with Self Correcting Speed Wobble Tech™; see details on the Hypertrucks™ product page;
      • Each board ships with 4 different pairs of custom made RipTide™ bushings that are good for any weight and ride style - from the lightweight slow carver to the heavyweight speed monster.


    • 1089wh - 12s6p flexible battery packs made of top shelf Sanyo™ NCR20700B cells;
      • 12 amp charger with high-end custom connector. From empty to full in approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.


    • Range is approximately 37 miles (60 km) for a 200 pound rider.


    • Dual 6389 - 190kv motors;
      • big rotor bearing for increased rotational stability. Individually epoxied magnets for longer service life
      • you'll get addicted to their deep, low pitch sound.


    • Focbox Unity ESC.


    • 8 inch Kenda tires mounted on tried-and-trusted MBS Rockstar2 hubs - on road, offroad, they don't care.


    • Full titanium "rainbow" hardware;
      • You'll never strip another screw or snap another head again. They look awesome plus we're weight-weenies so there.


    • 2x integrated removable front lights;
      • high end customized mountain bike lights (retail is usually $90USD each) with CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs that connect directly into the board's battery with a high end waterproof connector.
      • up to 2000 lumens each (4000 lumens total). There are 4 intensities to choose from (200 lumen, 800 lumen, 1400 lumen and 2000 lumen).
      • Mounted to the Hypertruck with a custom Lacroix GoPro mount.
      • Rated IP65 (the lights, not the board, simmer down)


    • Unique Lacroix™ wheel pulley with integrated 6003 series bearing for high speed stability. 
      • eliminates wheel wobbles.
      • Now included are custom bearing spacers for the Rockstar2 hubs.


    • Remote; custom Flipsky VX1 in order to display the board's battery level directly on the remote. The Hoyt puck is also offered for a 119USD upgrade - with its channel hopping technology it's the most reliable remote out there with cutting edge internals.


    • Weight; just above 39lbs (17.7Kg).


    • Dimensions; 42inches x 19inches x 8 inches
      • resting foot platform on the deck is 31.5 inches between the angled "tabs".


    • Max speed; don't attempt it unless you wear full body protection on a closed course, safe environment. No Joke.


    • Water; if you get caught in the rain, ride slowly home and you'll be fine. As always with high priced electronics, avoid water if you can.


    The board ships with all of the above including a full spare tire, 2 extra belts and extra pulleys for extra high end-of-range torque / high speed madness.


    NOTE; a picture of the deck with our new laser cut custom coarse grip tape will be added to the website soon. In the meantime, a 3D render is included in the pics above. Don't ask us why we don't have that picture yet. Just don't. Please.

  • Refund & return policies and repairs.

    As a small high-end boutique operation, we build all our boards by hand, here in Montreal. We go through mutltiple rounds of quality control at each step of the build process to make sure your board arrives with no issues. So far, we've been pretty good at it.

    However, in the unfortunate situation where there is an issue with your board, we got you. What we do is we ship you replacement parts and walk you through to connecting them via a Skype call. Unless there is a soldering problem, we do not ship the board back and forth - via a Skype call, it's quite easy. Like Lego for grownups. But we'll never ask you to solder anything. Safety first.

    As for the warranty, we offer a 90 days warranty on manufacturing errors. After that a 60 days free labor repair service (shipping not included). But we want you to ride, so after this period is over, we'll be happy to attempt to resolve with you any issue you may encounter in order to get you back on your board as fast as possible.

    Reliability is very important to us. We chose trusted and tested parts for the whole internals of the board for this precise reason. All issues are usually pretty simple and quick to resolve.

    Ask around, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service we can.

    As for returns, we just don't do them. We would rather have less sales from people that absolutely want our products than more sales from tire kickers who return boards after a week of riding them. As Al Pacino once said, you can't test drive a Ferrari, it ruins it.

    Note we don't issue refunds either. Buyer's remorse, ship time is delayed (for whatever reason), whatever the reason is, we don't do refunds. We strive to be a transparent company so if there is a delay of some sort, we'll tell you what it is. You accept that the shipping estimates are just that and that force majeure can prevent us from shipping within said timeframe.

  • Disclaimer - Hypertrucks™.

    Obviously, having a Hypertruck™ that is designed to reduce and help correct speedwobbles does not mean it's impossible to get any. If you have never experienced speedwobbles and don't know how to handle them, this should not be the first truck on which to get them. Don't attempt to go fast on these trucks thinking they'll never happen or that the Hypertruck™ will save you. You'll get hurt. Only racecars drivers will see the difference between a perfect dampeners and shock setting and a terrible one. You need to be able to drive a racecar before knowing the difference. Same here.


    But for those who have experienced speedwobbles before and know how to handle them, they'll be pleasantly surprised. The Hypertrucks™ signficantly reduces that "oh shit" moment to something mellow and much more manageable. 


    The Self Correcting Speed Wobble Tech™ is achieved by a bunch of factors - weight distribution on the Hypertrucks™, asymetry of the deck, bushings, width of truck, length of deck, etc. It works on the Nazare™ and Nazare Lonestar™ that have very specific components. 

  • Disclaimer - liability and inherent risks waiver.

    You should only buy our products if you are an experienced rider and understand the inherent risks of the sport and that you actually totally and unequivacally waive all your rights against Lacroix Board Co. by purchasing one of our products.


    While we make every conceivable effort to make our boards as safe as possible, no machine is immune from malfunction. So to put it another way, always ride at a speed at which you are comfortable being able to run off in case something happens. Because it can.


    By purchasing our products, you accept to waive any rights (personal injury, property damage, everything) you have towards the Lacroix Board Co. and any of its directors or employees personally, against any claim of any nature whatsoever. This is the largest waiver possible to be interpreted in the largest possible way against you. If any of this does not makes sense to you, don't buy. If ever you get injured and go see a lawyer, he'll point to this clause and say your case is dead in the water. Capich?

    Glad that's out of the way, now have fun on your board ;)

  • Duties and laws

    Make sure you verify in your own country what the laws are concerning riding electric boards on public ways.

    Also make sure to know if your country will charge you any duties for one of our products being shipped from Canada. You pay for shipping only through this website and are solely responsable for the payment of the duties that your governement will charge you when the product arrives at your doorstep, if any (some countries don't charge duties). Make sure to inform yourself in advance to avoid surprises.