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  • What type of remote do you use?

At the moment, we use the NanoV2. We chose it because we were looking for an off-the-shelf remote that had the most solid connection and that could easily be replaced without having to open the board.

It has no bells and whistles but it features 2 modes, one “slow” mode where everything is limited to 70% (top speed, acceleration, braking) and the full power mode. The “slow” mode (still faster than the other production boards) is good to start and get used to the board.  


  • The remote needs to be calibrated every time it’s turned on. How do you do it?

Very simple. Turn on the remote, throttle to the max and brake to the max. There, it’s calibrated. Then you turn on the board, the remote will bind and that's it. You’re good to go. After a few days of practice, this will take you less than 2 seconds. Some adventurous riders even say it can be done in one second.


PRO TIP; the remote will bind almost instantly if, during the binding process where the green light flashes on the remote, you hover the remote near the right rear of the board (opposite the power button and charge port). That’s where the remote transmitter is located.


  • How often would I need to charge the remote?


The remote should be charged every ride or every other ride. Technically, numerous rides can be done on one charge of the remote but we don’t recommend it since when the battery in the remote dies, it will simply stop communicating with the board (e.g. dropoff), no matter how fast you are going. So keep your remote juiced up at all times and never wait for it to even be close to having a dead battery before charging it.

  • How often do I need to change the remote?

Once changed, your new remote will bind out of the box just as easily as the one that came with your board - you won’t need to do anything else than charge it and go. With a new remote each 18 months, you are always assured to have a remote that has a fresh battery that will maintain a solid connection with the board.

  • Could my Lacroix be convert to a urethane version, if you wanted?


It can be done but will require some DIY skills. The board was designed for 7 inch pneumatic wheels. For what it takes to make a urethane build, see @Sender’s inspiring DIY build here.

  • How do I check the battery level of the board?


Through an app on your phone.


We make the first flexible carbon fiber enclosure on a production board and as such, we trailblaze. And although we love doing that, we always do things as safely as possible.  So in the name of enclosure integrity, we chose to make the less holes in the enclosure as possible - this means there isn’t any battery indicator on the board. However, on every board we ship, we have included a bluetooth module that communicates directly with the FOCBOX™ and will provide loads of information on your ride, including the remaining battery level on your board.

If on iOS, we recommend @twan's app (it’s in Beta, so you need to download TestFlight to make it work). If on Android, @ackmaniac’s app.

  • How much can the board be tweaked? Will it void the warranty if I do?

Infinitely and yes.


We use the FOCBOX™ from Enertion™ (and soon the FOCBOX Unity™) which means they are infinitely tweakable. This said, we don't recommend you do tweak them. We recommend trying the board for a couple of weeks first. Our clients are generally very happy with the default configuration options after getting comfortable with the board.

Moreover, the board comes with a spare set of 16 teeth pulley (16T) for less top speed and more torque (around 44kmh with 16T, 60kmh with 20T). This means there are 4 mechanicals settings to try via the remote and the pulleys before attempting to change anything in the FOCBOX™, which you should only do if you really know what you are doing because it voids our warranty. Why? Because 103%* of FOCBOX™ repairs come from user error while playing with the settings.


*unofficial number, but we’re fairly sure it’s bang on. Johnny said so.


  • I don’t want to go very fast, I’m more of a carver. Is the LACROIX board good for me?

Yes. Actually, hell yes is more accurate.


You have the power if and when you need it, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to. And most importantly, the board carves like nothing else.


Just like a GT2 RS, you don’t drive flat out all the time (if ever, unless you’re on the ‘Ring). Same with the Lacroix. Some might do a speed run in a place they know very well wearing motorcycle protection gear and others might never do that, keeping their speeds lower, carving deeper and only wearing a regular skate helmet.

The board was designed to provide adrenaline rushes in both situations.


  • Are LACROIX boards good for beginners?

Not really. Did you learn to drive on a 550bhp, turbocharged V8, short throw 6 speed manual transmission wearing a Leatt brace? Or learn to snowboard while heli-skiing in Alaska?

Let’s put it this way; if you’ve never fallen skateboarding, our board should not be the one on which you have that first experience. The premise on which our company was founded is that the rider is always the limit because the board can always give you more. Our boards are very powerful machines and should only be ridden by experienced riders that know their own limits and above all, respect them. Not doing so can lead to serious injury or death. Nothing less.


We advocate safe riding and this is the reason that with our current model offering, we do not sell our boards to minors. Not even with a parent's note.

  • How many charges can I expect from the batteries on the LACROIX boards?

With the DSS50+ (Sanyo™ NCR20700B cells), you can expect to go through 500 cycles until the battery pack has 70% of its original performance.

With the DSS60 (Samsung™ 30Q cells - 18650), you can expect the battery pack to go through 200-300 cycles before the performance drops to 70%.

  • Do the belts work with both sets of drive gears or do you need different belts for the different pulleys?

The same belts can be used on both pulleys. You can slide the motors back and forth a couple of millimetres to compensate the size of the pulley.

  • What customizations do you offer?



It’s very difficult to offer customizations and scale a business (unless you’re in the customization business ;-). Even the slightest custom demand has a domino effect on processes, production, quality control. This is why we don’t do any. Our mission is 1) to make the highest quality boards and 2) ship them quickly. This is simply impossible to achieve with customizations. One of those 2 elements would suffer.

  • Do I need to rotate tires?

No. Treat them like consumables. Once one is worn, change it. We sell them basically at cost price so you can ride at will and not worry about them.

  • Is there vibration on the wheels?

Generally, no. When vibrations occur, it’s usually around 50kmh and above. They can be greatly reduced by doing 2 things;

  1. perfectly centering the rear wheel pulley on the hub. To help you achieve this, you can download a centering jig file here. Simply have it 3D printed and you’ll be good to go.

  2. Apply the exact same amount of minimal torque on each of the 5 screws on the wheel.


  • How often do you replace your tires?

Under heavy carving at 190 lbs, every 500 km. Under heavy carving at 170 lbs, every 900 km.


  • ​How adjustable are the trucks?

Fully. You have 2 blocks per truck and each block (acting on toe-side and heel side) can be separately adjusted to cater to both the speed machine on your left shoulder and the carving demon on your right shoulder.


  • ​Do you have a return policy?

No, unfortunately we can't do returns at the moment. We're still very small and can't take that risk. We would rather have less orders of clients that are sure they want our products than more orders of people who just want to try them out and see. All sales are final and are shipped ex works YUL.

  • What warranty do you offer on the boards?

We offer a 90 days warranty on manufacturing errors. After that a 60 days free labor repair service (shipping not included). But we want you to ride, so after this period is over, we'll be happy to attempt to resolve with you any issue you may encounter in order to get you back on your board as fast as possible. Note, after thousands of kilometres of riding, besides changing consumables once a while (belts and tires), we have not encountered any serious issue that wasn't able to be addressed quickly. Reliability is very important to us. We chose trusted and tested parts for the whole internals of the board for this precise reason.

If ever something happens, we usually can simply send a new part via DHL or FedEx and walk you through the process of hooking that part up via a live Skype. All issues are usually pretty simple and quick to resolve.

  • Are the boards waterproof?

That is a very loaded word that would almost require the board to work under water. So no. It's not. As much as we love submarines, we're no Pablo Escobars and can't build them.

It's splash proof - it has a foam liner on the perimeter of the deck to protect all the electronics in case you get caught riding in the rain. There are 2 weak points to the board in a water environment. 1) the wood deck is not treated for water. So after time, if water seeps into the wood inserts, they might become loose. 2) The remote. It hates water and will act weirdly (and dangerously if water gets caught into it). If you get caught in the rain, ride with your hand in your pocket.

So avoid water if you can but if you get caught in the rain, don't worry too much about it and place your board upside down (enclosure upwards) and at a 45 degree angle to let it dry and let the water evacuate as best as it can.

  • Is the board good off-road?

If you don't mind a scratched carbon fibre enclosure and the occasional pebble in the pulleys, then yes. If was designed for tarmac but can handle gravel like a GD champ.

  • Do you ship to "XYZ" country?

As long as DHL can ship to your country, our boards will make it to you.